Erik Beaumont – Ventuz v1.9

The last episode of Season 1 of ACCESS GRANTED. We have been talking about this piece of software almost since the beginning of the podcast …

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Territory Studio v1.8

Why yes indeed! This episode I’ve actually sat down with some of the production team at Territory Studio in London: David Sheldon-Hicks (Co-Founder), Marti Romances (Art …

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Ryan Jefferson Hays v1.7

This episode I’m chatting with Ryan Jefferson Hays, who, at the time, was a freelance creative/art director, motion designer, FUI designer and concept designer in …

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Nawaz Alamgir v1.6

I’ve chatted with Nawaz Alamgir, a freelance motion graphics designer from London who is (now) creating FUIs. We talked about his career, design philosphy and …

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Justin Kohse v1.5

Episode 6 of the Podcast. This week, I’ve chatted with Justin Kohse. He worked on more shows and movies than I can count, including Transformers, …

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John LePore v1.4

Episode 5 of the Podcast! This week, I’ve chatted with John LePore. He’s the Creative Director at Perception in New York and has worked on …

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Seth Molson v1.3

Episode 4 of the Podcast! This week, I’ve chatted with Seth Molson. He’s a screen designer at S.I.M. Digital in Vancouver and has worked on Dark …

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Fabian Vercuiel v1.2

Episode 3 of the Podcast! This week, I’ve chatted with Fabian Vercuiel. He’s a UI Designer at Ubisoft Sofia and has worked on the Assassin’s …

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Robyn Haddow v1.1

Episode 2! This week, I’ve talked with Robyn Haddow about her beginnings in the industry, what goes into making FUIs for television and how she …

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Decca Digital v1.0

In this first episode I chatted with Corey Bramall, also known as Decca Digital. You may have seen his work in Ant-Man, Furious 7, The …

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