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Why yes indeed! This episode I’ve actually sat down with some of the production team at Territory Studio in London: David Sheldon-Hicks (Co-Founder), Marti Romances (Art Director), Ryan Rafferty-Phelan (Motion Designer), Nik ‘Nikill’ Hill (Senior Motion Designer) and Peter Eszenyi (Head of 3D). We talk about their backgrounds, their favourite- and least favourite projects, where they draw inspiration from and go a bit more in-depth about Ex Machina and the influence Ridley Scott has.

Sorry for the weird audio in places. My field-recorders screen broke during transit and as you can see we had a lot of people but not enough mics. I did my absolute best cleaning everything up though.

Like I said in the intro: Big thanks to Eldina and Daniel Højlund for kind of making this podcast happen.

The team at Territory made the cover image for this episode.


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I’ve chatted with Nawaz Alamgir, a freelance motion graphics designer from London who is (now) creating FUIs. We talked about his career, design philosphy and other related matters.

Note: He had hayfever during the interview, which is why he sounds a bit sniffly.

Nawaz made the cover image for this episode.


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